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Analytical Bulletin PREQVECA MONTHLY

Bulletin PREQVECA MONTHLY devoted to the Private equity industry and Venture financing in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. The bulletin is published at the beginning of each calendar month.

The Russian version bulletin began publication in 2009 and has a relatively large audience among market participants in Russia and other CIS countries. In March 2010, we decided to offer market participants an English version of our bulletin.

Having subscribed to the bulletin, you will be informed of all developments in the youngest and most promising of the financial industries in Russia and CIS.

In particular, in the bulletin agency publishes statistics on the industry of PE&VC. The industry data can be divided into two parts: "General Statistics" and "Current Statistics".
The first part contains aggregate data on monthly and quarterly basis. Besides, all data is given in the context of development stages (portfolio companies), industries, countries, rounds of financing and types of deals. The second part presents detailed data on the previous month: launches of funds, enters and exits of funds.

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  • TOP NEWS: X Russian Private Equity Congress held in Moscow
  • "A sovereign venture". Government money supports the market
  • "Invest smarter, have fun competing." RDIF invests in AliExpress Russia
  • From Russia with AR. Porsche, Hyundai and Russian state funds invest in WayRay
  • Investing in another world. Another World raised financing from an Austrian fund for European expansion
  • "In two exits." RBV Capital exceeds the size of the fund
  • Orient Bank shareholders conflict shifts into the public spotlight
  • Seeding infrastructure. Sberbank CIB creates an infrastructure seed fund
  • "Mubadala is getting it right." Arabs buy the team of Verno Capital
  • "Investment injection". Elbrus Capital acquired a stake in Active Component
  • "Getting on the bus." Vostok New Ventures invests in Busfor
  • "Money to move." inDriver raises investment to conquer the US
  • Real estate: Morgan Stanley and Hines suspended acquisitions
  • Distressed assets fund is adding new assets
  • "RVC is running late". The development institution will be creating later-stage funds
  • "Transition to a new level." Itransition announced bringing in a PE fund
  • "Dmitrievs Fight Club." RCIF will develop mixfight in Russia and the CIS
  • "VEB's robot." VEB Innovations bought Promobot
  • "Cleansing portfolio." Western funds are gradually getting rid of Russian assets