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Fund deals

Entering Exiting
Fund Portfolio company Date
Accel London III RealtimeBoard Nov 18
Altair Capital RealtimeBoard Nov 18
Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) First Data Nov 18

Fund launches

Fund Management company Date
Venture Fund of Foreign Economic Bank (VEB) and the Republic of Yakutia Foreign Economic Bank (VEB) Innovation
Venture company Yakutia
Sep 18
Russian-Chinese venture fund Russian-Chinese investment Fund (RKIF)
Sep 18
Planting infrastructure fund InfraONE
Sberbank CIB (Troika dialog)
Aug 18


IPO/SPO Status Date
Purcari Wineries Public Company Limited (Bostavan) Completed Jan 18
LenspetsSMU (SPO-2) Completed Nov 17
TCS Bank / SPO Completed Nov 17

Consulting company

Law firm

Investment bank

Macro indicators

Russia Kazakhstan Ukraine
GDP, % 1.90
Inflation, % 3.05
USD/RUB 67.5238
EUR/RUB 76.0926
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