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ALTHAUS Consulting ALTHAUS Consulting
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ALTHAUS Consulting - a member of international transfer pricing experts network ALTUS Alliance


Since December 2012 ALTHAUS Consulting became an official member of the ALTUS Alliance, the independent network of providers of transfer pricing, business restructuring and valuation services worldwide. ALTUS Alliance unites experts from Europe, North and South America, Asia, including the U.S., Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, China, Japan, Brazil, India, Australia, etc. Members of ALTUS Alliance including companies with over 35 years of experience possess vast expertise in transfer pricing projects in relation to a wide range of industries.

ALTUS Alliance partners appreciated experience of ALTHAUS Consulting in transfer pricing projects in Russia. Membership in the global alliance and cooperation with foreign highly qualified experts will allow ALTHAUS Consulting to handle international transfer pricing projects and provide our clients with comprehensive analysis which takes into account both Russian and international perspective of their transactions

ALTHAUS Consulting experts are ready to assist you with transfer pricing your companies face. Our solutions include:

Identification of controlled transactions in a group of companies and the development of pricing recommendations on these transactions;

Preparation of notifications on controlled transactions;

Elaboration of documentation to justify prices applied in controlled transactions;

Development and implementation of changes in the structure (and operations) of the Group to transfer pricing legislation compliance costs;

Support in negotiating of an advanced pricing agreement with the tax authorities;

Resolution of disputes on pricing arrangements with the tax authorities